Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bubble Cat

I was unpacking a box in my office and left a stack of bubble wrap on the desktop when I left the room. I walked back in, and I found my sweet little girl Cali perched comfortably on top of the bubbles, sharing it with a stuffed cat that I keep on my desktop - which is what you see sort of poking out from underneath her by that red ribbon. Isn't she adorable?

Cali is a very sweet cat, though she can be a bit temperamental at times and doesn't really care much about being held.  She is a bit of a closet eater and doesn't want to eat her food until the male cats are done and out of the way. If you walk in while she is eating, she will stop, but sneak back later. She truly hates going to the vet and will literally scream to the point of upsetting not only me, but the vet and everybody else in the office - I am not kidding {the male cat is just the same - hmm, seems to be a pattern with my animals...}.  She will often decide that she just does not want to be bothered at all with humans and then suddenly, out of the blue, she will jump into your lap.

Like the others, she was a stray who showed up at our house back in the summer of 2002, a couple of months behind my male Sunny Boy.  It had been one of those horribly stormy nights and the roads were flooded, so I had taken my husband's F150 4 x 4 to work, fearing I'd flood out the Mustang.  When I got home from work and parked the truck, out from underneath my parked Mustang came this scrawny kitten. She couldn't have been more than a month old and was so underweight that her head looked completely over-sized for her little body. As you can see, she seems pretty happy and healthy now.

She and I are the only remaining females in this house now that Sally has passed on.

Heaven help us.



  1. Cali is gorgeous Mary, is she a muted Calico? I have one and she's the most loving little scrapper. She's a beauty!

  2. Thanks Cyndy! She's my sweet little girl. I think she's just an ole garden variety Calico but long haired. Aren't I so original with my names LOL?!!

  3. Cali has the prettiest face. It makes me want to get another cat. Ours passed away about a year ago. They are so much company, aren't they!

  4. Thanks Lynda! I have always had a cat as far back as I can remember, though I don't think I have ever sought out to purchase or adopt one! They always seem to land at my door. This one happened along not too long after the male cat, who showed up at my front door one day, not long after my 20+ year old cat had died. I figured he showed up to comfort my grief, and she showed up to be a pal for him! :)

  5. what a beautiful girl she is! my cat growing up was a long-haired calico...loved that cat.


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